T h e  ma n u f a c t u r i n g

Crystal Glazes are a special family of ceramic glazes developing crystalline patterns during the process of firing. These glazes, containing  in particular some zinc oxide, are very fluid and flowing during the fusion phase at 1270 ° C. This fluidity allows minerals to migrate and reorganize in different crystalline systems on the surface of the object.


During the cooling phase at the end of the firing process, the zinc agglomerates and structures itself in crystalline islands, distributed randomly, creating the rhythms of a nebulous decoration. These crystalline nuclei are colored by some of the metallic oxides present in the glaze mixture.  They include and concentrate  cobalt (blue), copper (green), nickel (light green), and repel manganese (brown). This effect of sorting between colors generates living contrasts.



Creating and controlling these glazes is quite a technical challenge and requires some years of experiments.

T h e   w o r k s h o p

M a ï e u l  C a r d o n

Maieul Cardon


"Settled in the fort of Mont Dauphin since 2014, I create utilitarian or decorative objects with simple and pure shapes with a mix of white stoneware and porcelain clay, on which develop the organic patterns of my crystal glazes.


Passionate about research and creation of high temperatures glazes, I have been interested for several years in the decorative effects of the family of crystal glazes.



My wish as a ceramist: participate with curiosity and happiness in the metamorphosis of matter, and invite others to a poetic contemplation on a daily basis. "


M. Cardon