A r t i s a n a l   c e r a m i c s

Pottery shop - white sandstone and porcelain
Ceramic workshop - crystallization enamels
Mont Dauphin - Hautes Alpes - France


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c r y s t a l   g l a z e s

Crystalline enamels - Atelier MA

Crystal Glazes are a special family of ceramic glazes developing crystalline patterns during the process of firing. Mastering these glazes is quite a technical challenge and requires some years of experiments.

P o r c e l a i n - w h i t e   s t o n e w a r e

Sandstone and porcelain pottery, with crystalline enamels
Hand-turned potteries

Dream the infinitely great and the infinitely small, looking inside a bowl, participate with curiosity and happiness in the metamorphosis of matter.

In his pottery workshop, located in Mont-Dauphin (05), Maïeul Cardon creates pure forms made of white stoneware and porcelain clay, on which his crystal glazes are developing rhythmical and organic decorative patterns.

M o n t - D a u p h i n

Visit the shop in the Fort Vauban of Mont-Dauphin (Hautes-Alpes), classified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

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